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Fuller transmissions are our specialty. We offer discount priced, new and factory remanufactured models.

Fuller transmissions are used in more heavy-duty trucks than any other transmission brand in the industry, and for some very good reasons.

Fuller transmission sales dominate the marketplace!

We Offer The Full Line of Fuller Transmissions and Parts to Rebuild or Repair Them.

Our Best Selling Fuller Transmission Models are on Sale Now! The Highest Quality Truck Transmissions on the Market!

Heavy-Duty Fuller Transmissions Sales. Discount Priced and Delivered! IN STOCK:

New and Factory Reman Fuller Transmissions:

We stock all Fuller Transmission models including mid-range units.

UltraShift® PLUS Series:

UltraShift® PLUS Series built by Eaton Fuller, the proven leader in automated transmission design. UltraShift PLUS is a stronger, tougher, smarter and more efficient model than any other automatic or automated transmission on the market.

The Fuller Super 18:

Fuller Super 18 Series, the most popular transmission in the World. The ultimate combination of performance and reliability in heavy-duty truck applications up to 2250 lbs. ft. Features a main-shaft that is not splined to the auxiliary gear. This design eliminates the added mass and drag of the auxiliary section. During up-shifts, the main-shaft is quickly brought to synch resulting in faster, easier shifting overall.

Easy Shifting Super 13:

Fuller Super 13 Series offers a wide range of options for the trucking industry and easy shifting. Flexibility with 16.9 to 1 overall reduction and improver cold weather performance. Same basic design as the Super 18 models in a 13 speed Fuller transmission.

The Rock Solid FR Series:

The Fuller FR Series, the industry standard in transmission performance, reliability and durability. This model can stand up to the worst in driver abuse with a larger diameter mainshaft and the patented SynchroSaver™ protects against range synchronizer damage caused by improper operation by the driver.

The AutoShift® Series Transmissions:

The Fuller AutoShift® Series offers ease of operation and computerized shifting for precise control of the engine and transmission functions using the clutch to start and stop only. All the efficiency of a manual transmission without the work.

The 8LL Series:

The Eaton Fuller 8LL Series great for demanding on and off-highway applications. A tougher design for driver abuse with eight road speeds and two deep reduction ratios in low and reverse. Increased lubrication, 6 and 8 bolt PTO openings and power to spare.

15 Speed:

Fuller 15 Speed Models, Built for on highway and Off-Highway uses. Designed to withstand driver abuse with ten road speeds plus five deep reduction gear ratios in low and reverse. Tapered roller bearings, dual 6 and 8 bolt PTO openings and High-Performance.

UltraShift® HV:

The Fuller UltraShift® HV gives you the best of both worlds. The fuel economy of a heavy-duty manual truck transmission with the ease of operation of a fully automatic model. No scheduled maintenance, Hill assist to automatically minimizes rollback and roll-forward on grades from 3 to 10 percent.

The 9LL Series:

The Fuller 9LL Series has high reduction for low-speed applications. Dump, concrete or asphalt usage. Easy shifting, driver friendly operation and superior performance. New, heavy-duty synchro technology offers easy range shifting and longer product life.

The 5 and 6 Speed Mid-Range Series:

Eaton Fuller Mid-Range 5 and 6 speed transmissions feature, enhanced seals, new synchronizers and a self-adjusting clutch to increase vehicle uptime and improve productivity.

Convert your existing 9 speed to a 13 speed:

With a Fuller 9 speed to 13 speed conversion kit, turning your 9 speed Fuller into a 13 speed transmission is easy. With an inexpensive conversion kit and a little know how, a truck equipped with a 13 speed Eaton Fuller transmission will sell on the market a lot faster than one equipped with a 9 speed truck transmission.

Fuller heavy-duty, manual shift truck and equipment units are available for immediate delivery in all the popular models.

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