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We Specialize in Meritor transmissions and parts to rebuild them. We offer discount priced, Meritor, new and factory remanufactured units for sale.

Meritor transmissions, used in heavy-duty trucks as well as industrial, specialty applications and field uses.

Meritor transmission sales, service and repairs!

We Stock The Full Line of Meritor Transmissions at wholesale prices to the public.

Heavy-Duty Meritor Truck Transmissions and Parts For Sale. Your Arvin Meritor Truck Transmission Super Store!

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Meritor New and Factory Reman Transmission Models:

Hundreds of Meritor Transmissions on Sale Now!

Total Truck Transmission truly are the professional’s when it comes to truck drivetrain components of all kinds. So, when you need it done and want it done right give us a call. You'll be glad you did!

Meritor 9 Speeds:

The Meritor 9 Speed Transmissions - M-11F9A M-11G9A M-12F9A M-12G9A M-13F9A M-13G9A M-14F9A M-14G9A MO-11F9B MO-11G9B MO-12F9A MO-12F9B MO-12G9A MO-12G9B MO-13F9A MO-13F9B MO13G9A MO13G9B MO-14F9A MO-14F9B MO14G9A MO14G9B MO-15F9B MO-15G9B RE9-115A RE9-125A RE9-135A RE9-145A RE9-155A REO9-115B REO9-125A REO9-125B REO9-135A REO9-135B REO9-145A REO9-145B REO9-155B REX9-115B REX9-115R REX9-125A REX9-125B REX9-125R REX9-135A REX9-135B REX9-135R REX9-145A REX9-145B REX9-145R REX9-155B RM9-115A RM9-125A RM9-135A RM9-145A RM9-155A RMO9-115A RMO9-115B RMO9-125A RMO9-125B RMO9-135A RMO9-135B RMO9-145A RMO9-145B RMO9-155B RMX9-115B RMX9-115R RMX9-125A RMX9-125B RMX9-125R RMX9-135A RMX9-135B RMX9-135R RMX9-145A RMX9-145B RMX9-145R RMX9-155B RS9-115A RS9-125A RS9-135A RS9-145A RS9-155A RSO9-115B RS09-125B RSO9-135B RSO9-145B RSO9-155B RSX9-115B RSX9-115C RSX9-115R RSX9-125A RSX9-125B RSX9-125C RSX9-125R RSX9-135A RSX9-135B RSX9-135C RSX9-135R RSX9-145A RSX9-145B RSX9-145C RSX9-145R RSX9-155B RSX9-155C RSX9-165C.

Meritor 10 Speeds:

The Meritor 10 Speed Transmissions - M-11F10A M-11G10A M-12F10A M-12G10A M-13F10A M-13G10A M-14F10A M-14G10A M-15F10A M-15G10A MO-11F10A MO-11F10C MO-11G10A MO-11G10C MO-12F10A MO-12F10C MO-12G10A MO-12G10C MO-13F10A MO-13F10C MO-13G10A MO-13G10C MO-14F10A MO-14F10C MO-14G10A MO-14G10C MO-15F10A MO-15F10C MO-15G10A MO-15G10C MO-16F10A MO-16F10C MO-16F10A MO-16G10C RD10-145A RE10-115A RE10-125A RE10-135A RE10-145A RE10-155A REX10-115A REX10-115C REX10-125A REX10-125C REX10-135A REX10135C REX10-145A REX10-145C REX10-155A REX10-155C REX10-165A REX10-165C RM10-115A RM10-125A RM10-135A RM10-145A RM10-155A RMX10-115A RMX10-115C RMX10-125A RMX10-125C RMX10-135A RMX10-135C RMX10-145A RMX10-145C RMX10-155A RMX10-155C RMX10-165A RMX10-165C RS10-115A RS10-125A RS10-135A RS10-145A RS10-155A RSX10-115A RSX10-115C RSX10-125A RSX10-125C RSX10-135A RSX10-135C RSX10-145A RSX10-145C RSX10-155A RSX10-155C RSX10-165A RSX10-165C.

Meritor 13 Speeds:

The Meritor 13 Speed Transmissions - RMO13-145A, RMO13-145A.

All the popular Meritor heavy-duty, manual shift truck and equipment units are available for immediate delivery.

We stock Meritor truck transmissions for Mack, Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, International and Western Star trucks. All models are in stock, so, give us a call us today for more information on your model. You can expect fast friendly service with a discount price and same day shipping or delivery.

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We can also rebuild your Meritor transmission for you and deliver it back to you ready to install.

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